Tubular Floater - Large tubular components for floating OWEC

Multi-Monopile für Offshore-Plattformen

Structures of floating wind turbines are today - in most cases - ship-like or a kind of semi-submersible. Meanwhile, the production capacity and and performance of classic Monopiles has increased in terms of dimensions and tonnages. We see the chance to combine both worlds in a favourable way.

Thus, we want to present the "Tubular Floater": a floating wind turbine structure on the basis of large tubular components as they are used in Monopiles.

We would like to emphasize that this is not just a visual study. OWT has designed this proposal in a way that it fulfills the base requirements on any floating structure in terms of RAO and stability, using own competences and tools. This structure is ready and prepared to be included in specific load calculations.

Advantages from our opinion are:

  • Simplification of fabrication and wide availability of suppliers
  • Advantages of the serial production of Monopiles compared to individual designs
  • Removal of stiffening structures as for semi-submersibles with many design relevant locations and its excessive inspection and maintenance in favour of continuous and accessible surfaces
  • Simple design with less risks and adjustable robustness
  • Assembly without being bound to dry dock dimensions
  • Worldwide transport of single components, local assembly allowing local content
  • Classic mooring with established systems, avoiding the key questions of single point mooring


Eventually, we expect a serial production and improved fabrication and assembly options which, after all, will increase the competiveness of floating wind turbines.


For more information, please refer to our short presentation on this topic. We are always ready to answer any questions.

Multi-Monopile für Offshore-Substation - Präsentation

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