Tripod development began in 2006. While both OWT and the competition are able to design monopiles and jackets, the well-known tripod design is unique to OWT.

Early design iterations started in 2002 by adopting from oil&gas industry. In 2006 we are able to prove its general feasibility with the demonstration project in Bremerhaven.

The foundation concept currently has been used for the wind farms of alpha ventus, Windpark Borkum phase 1 and Globaltech 1.

We believe the wide availability of large sections of pipe and the less complex connections make the tripod a viable option that is completely competitive when compared to Jackets in terms of production and maintenance. The robustness of the tripod and its low maintenance requirements cannot be achieved with jacket solutions

Tripods were mass-produced at Weserwind, Bremerhaven, with the aim of producing one substructure per line every week.

Unfortunately, its uniqueness prevents further dissemination and consideration  of the tripod in early project phases. Our current level of development offers solutions with several foundations, e.g. B. pile, suction bucket and gravity foundations.

Please find further details on latest developments in the information section and also on Wikipedia.

Tripod foundations- variable solutions as foundation: piled, suction anchor and gravity based