Certified quality management at OWT

Our guiding principles

OWT - Offshore Wind Technologie GmbH was founded in 2001 with the aim of offering steel construction planning services for the offshore wind industry. Since then, OWT has stood for the highest quality in the area of ​​design and dimensioning of foundation structures and general steel structures. Project management, engineering planning, maintenance and repair as well as research and development are also among the services we provide. This is continuously confirmed by a steadily growing number of credentials.

The annual effectiveness evaluation of the quality management system as well as the internal and external audits are intended to strengthen and further develop customer satisfaction. Both company management and employees are fully committed to the quality of products and services.

We are convinced that quality orientation, environmental protection and safety awareness are essential success factors for our customers and thus also for our company to be competitive. The quality of our products and services have the highest priority in our company. OWT wants to assert itself in the market through championing quality and successfully mastering the tasks set.

In order to be able to meet this requirement permanently and sustainably, we are committed to maintaining a management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015. We are also committed to maintaining and continuously developing our management systems.

Our Central Beliefs

Customer-oriented action

The fulfillment of customer requirements for our products and services is our top priority. As specialists in the dimensioning and construction of structures, especially for the offshore wind industry, but also other areas such as onshore wind and maritime steel construction, it is our aim to contribute to the success of our customers' projects through our services. We act for the benefit of the project.

Fulfillment of quality requirements

In order to be able to achieve sustainable economic success, the managers and employees are committed to the quality management system and its continuous development and improvement. Ensuring the quality of our services with the help of the quality management system is the aim of all members of OWT. We follow at least the dual control principle for our documents. Continuous improvement In order to always be able to offer our customers the highest quality services, we are involved in numerous research projects and standards committees in order to incorporate the latest knowledge from research and development, in addition to our own industry, into our services at an early stage.

Our guiding principle when using software

We always use the best available software to solve a problem. With the best results with a reduced workload, the possibly higher software costs pay off. The software used at OWT has proven itself in many projects and is used in a variety of ways by our employees.


ISO 9001 Certificate of OWT

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ISO-9001-2015 Quality management seal by DQS