Probability based inspection

Every project develops through planning and construction into the phase of operation and maintenance. At this point, it is important to transfer design information into future O&M measures.

It is a significant asset to the project if the original designer is available to do it.

A simple approach is to simply inspect every instance of each aspect or part of the whole system. However this leads to:

  • higher costs than necessary
  • low visibility of structural relevant aspects in the mass of information


We developped a process where we systematically analyse the parts of the existing structure in regard to:

  • Structural relevance
  • HSE importance
  • Funtionality
  • Authorities relevance


For a large project we benefit from a large number of elements. It is possible to apply a statistical approach to reduce the number of samples but still reach a high level of confidence in the result.

For this it is important to address design, fabrication and installation history of an item to keep focus on the relevant parts. With this approach it is possible to reduce direct costs of surveys.

Our competence in this process is:

  • to analyse the existing design
  • to have a process existing to identify individual items
  • to apply statistical methods to the inspection plan
  • reevaluate the results