Parameter study with DOE - recognition of dependencies and optimization of geometries

Wind turbine tower doorframe Ansys DOE simulations

Parameter studies can raise diverse potentials in detailed constructions that are otherwise difficult to achieve iteratively. In the multidimensional parameter space, only a systematic approach helps; the engineer's intuition alone is not always sufficient.

As one of the first examples we show a simple study of a door frame. It is carried out here with the Design of Experiment DOE available in Ansys Structural. The advantage is that results are generated quickly using the parameter space without explicitly calculating all data records. Ansys also provides evaluations that reveal the corresponding dependencies. In this case, the optimal position of this door frame could be identified as the main influence.

However, this is only an initial result. The value of the study for preliminary dimensioning or documentation of the final dimensioning can be increased considerably if instead of SCF the service life capacity is calculated in the form of damage-equivalent loads. This means that the performance of a geometry proposal can be determined directly and compared with competing ideas before a real dimensioning takes place. The result is a pool of optimized designs with known service lifetime capacities.

DOE parameter study - wind turbine tower doorframe - presentation

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