Monopiles for offshore wind turbines

Monopile preliminary design example

The Monopile foundation is the most original form for wind turbines. It was already used in the first offshore wind farm Tunoe Knob, Denmark in 1995. An extreme development in monopile technology has happened over the past few years, both in geotechnical engineering and in manufacturing, logistics and installation. Monopile designs are currently feasible for installations around 40 meters deep and turbines with a rotor diameter of around 160m, an installed capacity of 8MW and more.

OWT designs Monopile foundations in close collaboration with geotechnical experts, the turbine supplier and the corrosion protection experts of the project. In 2004/2005 we designed Germany’s first AWZ non-oil&gas Monopile for the measuring-mast of the wind farm Amrumbank West. In 2016 we provided Trianel Phase 2 with the Monopile preliminary design and served on the certification side for the technical approval of the final design of this project.

We are convinced that the Monopile has a promising future. Not only as a support structure for wind energy converters but also generally as support structures for large-scale offshore structures.