Maintenance concept as a central element for profitability

The service life often goes beyond the supplier's warranty period. A customer needs the functionality over the entire service life, which is influenced by many factors.

On the other hand, there are maintenance costs. How can unnecessary inspections and maintenance be avoided, e.g. why are the fenders coated if they are designed for free corrosion?

We understand the task of maintenance planning as the subsequent step from design:

  • Classify items of the structure in question in terms of structural, functionality, HSE and authority. Each has individual impact on its maintenance scheme.
  • Identify regular und irregular conditions to find most exposed pieces.
  • Set up inspections campaigns.
  • Evaluate and process results.
  • Repeat accordingly.


A common misunderstanding is that an inspection needs to include all pieces of an item. In fact it requires a sufficient amount of pieces for a given level of confidence. This concept is statistically driven and has been approved by certifiers. It saves significant efforts and costs without sacrificing a relevant amount of realiability.


Maintenance concepts, example bolted connection