3D Jacket Design Suite


The Jacket foundation bears the capacity to use line pipe sections for construction. Some projects were realized on behalf of this concept like Beatrice, Alpha Ventus and Thornton Bank. This technology was combined with suction buckets initiating a new bust for its application. From the designers point of view some tools are necessary for planning purposes: a geometry generator, beam and superelement analysis and hot spot stress methodology are essentials for this type of design task. They are available, maintained and used in OWT.

Jacket Design Suite

Design your individual Jacket in 3D

3D Jacket Construction


Input Parameters

  • Marine site conditions
  • Height
  • Number of legs
  • Number of bays
  • Foot print
  • Head print
  • Type of bracing
  • List of hollow sections


Assess the impact of loads

Beam model Superelement · Hybrid Detail model
Jacket load impact assessment Jacket Offshore Foundation wave impact Jacket FEM FEA Model

Wave direction