Exampe of a hatch cover design for cargo vessels

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The cargo arrangement handling equipment on a vessel’s weather deck and the freight space layout should be conceived with the highest possible level of ship productivity in mind, making quick and efficient loading achievable even in ports with inadequate infrastructures.
Ship security is significant and permits for no compromise. Many elements combine to create a safe procedure, beginning with features such as the ship’s layout. One of the most important aspects to consider when enhancing safety at sea are hatch cover strength.
Whilst loading cargos there have always been discussions regarding the strength of hatch covers between surveyors, captains, classification societies and naval architects.
OWT is now supplying the prospect to have a 2D shell element analysis of any hatch-cover or tweendeck to evaluate the hatch or tweendeck strength's capacity to load a specific cargo with its small footprint.
The results of the 2D shell element investigation can be submitted to Class/Owner/Surveyors before loading or onboard during the loading to assist in achieving approval to continue the load of cargo.


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