3D Jacket Design Suite

Design Basis

OWT has a long experience in generating fundamental documents like an design basis for projects. On the one hand it is caused by the early involvement of OWT by project owners which explains the remarkable number of Design Basis provided in the past. On the other hand dedicated projects did not stop at this stage. They continued and were finally realized based on this initial document.

The understanding and usag of this document varies on the market by the employers. Their absolute commitment to this document is the first step to project success. This means he accepts the responsibility of the ownership of this document from the early beginning, caring for correctness, completeness and appropriate timing. Bearing this in mind it is highly recommended to employ an owner´s engineer with this task. He takes the opportunity to shape the rules for the project and cares for the acceptance with his certifier and the authorities. It is far more important to have this arrangement before suppliers are invited to tender any service. For budget stability it is mandatory for an employer not to change the rules during the game.

The authorities imply the growing character of the document also and invite parties to prepare new releases during the life time of the project. The employer is recommended to do this development by himself to keep control on it. Beside the ongoing design progress, the content should remain to

  • Hierarchy of standards
  • Processed site specific environmental data to be used as input files for planning and assessments
  • Employer's requirements, if not published otherwise