Design Basis as a fundamental part of project development

OWT has a lot of experience in creating fundemental documents for projects, e.g. the design basis for projects. This is due to the early involvement of OWT with project owners, as evidenced by the remarkable number of Design Basis.

The understanding and usage of this document varies in the market. The owner's commitment to this document is the first step to the success of the project. This means he accepts the responsibility for this document from the beginning, and maintains the correctness, completeness and appropriate time management. Taking this into account, it is advisable to commission an engineering partner with this task. He uses every opportunity to shape the rules for the project and takes care of acceptance with his certifier and the authorities. It is far more important to have this arrangement in place before suppliers are invited to tender any service. For budget stability it is mandatory for an employer not to change the specifications during the project.

The authorities also support the character of the document and invite those involved to create new publications during the term of the project. The employer is recommended that the project do this development itself in order to maintain control of the document.