Constructive corrosive protection to preserve a projects assets

Corrosion damages the steel structures of a project in several ways.

In addition to the obvious and well-known loss of material, the reduced service life due to corrosion is another major problem.

Constructive corrosion protection should prevent local corrosion through an appropriate design. This is based on simple rules, e.g. avoiding horizontal surfaces, closed corners and avoiding coating damage.

As a result of our widespread experience we deem it necessary to review a design proposal in regard to constructive corrosion protection: Have all reasonable possible measures been taken to prevent unnecessary corrosion?

OWT was involved several times in the evaluation of corrosion incidents, e.g. for active corrosion protection systems that have failed for a long time, where our knowledge of fatigue progression in a corrosive environment was required. This includes SN-curve based fatigue design as well as fracture mechanics.