CAD and Visualisation

At OWT, Solidworks and Autodesk Inventor are used for CAD purposes. First and foremost, we use it to create the drawings required for certification and approval.

We use our own layouts or carry out the drawings according to the requirements of the customer's layout. The customer can use our drawings immediately and without any integration effort, especially without redrawing, in his inventory.

For any purpose with parameter based designs we usually connect the data from the parameter sets with the CAD systems. This allows fast iteration in design with instant visualisation of the result.

We also like to provide design results as a 3D-file, e.g. PDF or eDrawings. This is very supportive during preliminary designs. For the final design it is possible to carry additional databases like information which reduces the risk for transfer errors.

A good graphical representation contains more information than a good description. We like to provide our clients with high-quality visualisations for presentation, inquiry or application.