Ansys is well known for its capabilities in numerical analysis. OWT has tow licences in the latest versions. Our employees are able to conduct non-linear analysis in terms of material and deformation.

We also have our experience in parameter studies and their evaluation.  For example, we have run an analysis with approx. 90,000 parameter sets on a tubular shell flange connection. Inside Ansys it is possible to use regular functions of design of experiment (DOE) to access the results.

In order to make this immense amount of data available outside of Ansys, we converted the results into program code (e.g. VBA if used in Excel). For this purpose, the data was transferred into a Neural Network. After training, a short sequence code representing the NN provides highly accurate instant access to the full set of result. This enables detailed numerical analysis to be fed back into the preliminary design.

This kind of reverse engineering, where all possible variations of a specific design solution are precalculated, is ideally applicable for local design features, e.g. in tower design with openings in their individual outline, flanges, plate transitions and the like.