About the OWT - our history and perspective

In 2001, the shareholders of OWT recognized the developing market of the Offshore Wind Industry and decided to focus their professional experiences and skills on this area. It turns out that the task of constructing suitable foundation structures for this purpose had remained unsolved to this date. This decided OWT’s initial development direction and the orientation as an engineering service provider. OWT became a pioneer for foundation structures and thus a recognized office for comprehensive topics around Offshore Wind.

Thus, OWT accompanied many German projects in their development and made energetic contributions in many places.  OWT’S pioneering character is underlined by the following: first design basis and preliminary drafts, one of the first offshore measuring masts, engineering for the first German test wind farm Alpha Ventus and the like. The next few years saw the construction of the Borkum and Global Tech I wind farms, which in turn were among the very first German wind farms.

Since 2015, OWT's competences have been expanding towards Mechanical Engineering and especially shipbuilding tasks, in addition to Civil Engineering. Today, maritime services on a larger scare are also offered and performed.

OWT benefits from almost 20 years of experience in many areas in and around Wind Energy Offshore and onshore as well as marine operations, steel construction, classic design and much more. We intend to continue to develop further in these areas.